Meet The Cook Ted Georgeson 









Ted’s life is a remarkable gustatory & culinary journey. Steeped in the kitchen & customs of a second-generation Greek-American family, Ted’s childhood was filled with old-world inspired meals. Regular Sunday gatherings instilled a lifelong love of food and cooking.

The connection between good nutrition & good results was evident during his active days on the field. Athletics were balanced by washing dishes & bussing tables at his father’s restaurant, marking the start of a lifelong course in food, the industries & lives touched by food.

The passions of the palate continued through Ted’s devotion to cooking for his family while experiencing the rich and varied cuisines of cultures & culinary traditions during his career involving heavy business travel.

Ted stepped away from business to embrace a consuming passion for food & cooking, seizing the opportunity to study & serve for eight years—wearing several hats—under the tutelage of Charlie Trotter & his legendary organization.

Having enjoyed a life immersed in the world of food, Ted created The Cook, Chicagoland’s farm sourced catering for personal cooking. The Cook is devoted to filling the most memorable events in your life with flavorful, healthful, heartfelt meals.