Box Lunches & Picnic Baskets

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Soups & Sandwich Trays & Staff Meals


Box Lunches & Picnic Baskets For in-house meetings, off-site or field trips, we offer outside-the-box meals inside our recycled-cardboard boxes. Our box lunches are a tidy, efficient and nicely personalized way to feed your group without taking a big bite out of your budget. Or, choose a generous spread of our lunch offerings served on platters, as an appetizing yet still affordable option.

Soups & Sandwich Trays & Staff Meals Made from scratch using the freshest ingredients, all the items below make hearty additions to our meals, and many of them can be a meal in themselves. What our “stuff” consists of varies from season to season. Quiches, for example, are offered in spring and summer, while potpies take their place when cooler weather prevails. By popular demand, our chili is available all year around.

Feed a group designed and priced after the meal a restaurant would provide its staff before service. In spirit, and over time, the staff meal is a great way to look take care of staff by heeding this adage: “Keep your staff as happy and content as possible if you want them to perform for you.”

The staff meal afforded an opportunity to be together for a bit during the long working day and night, creating potential for building relationships & camaraderie. Staff meals are customarily one dish, served in copious quantities, family style, for everyone to help themselves.

Staff meals require a  minimum order of 25, and the selection of a dish.
Ranging $8 to $14 per person. Minimal changes, substitutions or additions to the dish selected are permitted.