Timing. A 48-hours courtesy notice allows The Cook to provide the best possible experience. We can accommodate urgent needs & situations. The Cook accepts orders when it’s clear we can meet both your needs & our standards.

Refer to our FAQ page & Contact The Cook to start the creating process.

Meeting Your Tastes. We cook meat medium rare, unless requested otherwise.

How Far Will We Go? While our focus is on Chicago and the Northern suburbs, we may be able to extend our services to accommodate you. Delivery charges are based on distance.

Communication Is Delicious. As with most processes in life, communication creates beautiful results. Talk with us; tell us what you truly want; be specific & don’t be shy. In return,  we respect your requests by making it right.

Our menus change with the seasons. Foods in-season and locally sourced affords the opportunity to prepare menus featuring exceptionally fresh, flavorful ingredients. Every season, one set of foods or another reaches peak flavor and nutrition, marking the seasonal menus assurance in a continually shifting variety of super-fresh, delicious dishes.